#6 How to Build a Recruiting Machine, Part 1: Why Founders Underestimate the Importance of Recruiting

This episode is 1 of 3 episodes where Hsu Ken talks to Brian about a series of blog post he wrote called How to Build a Recruiting Machine.

The topics for each episode are as follows:

  • 1 of 3 – Why hiring is more important than you think and what founders get wrong
  • 2 of 3 – How to source, interview and evaluate candidates
  • 3 of 3 – What great candidates are looking for and how to close them

Recruiting is something that almost all first-time founders get wrong. Having started 2 companies together, Brian and Hsu Ken share their first-hand struggles and how they adapted. In addition, Hsu Ken shares what he learned hiring in Southeast Asia. Brian shares what it was like managing the hyper growth stage at Divvy Homes.


  • 0:56 Why hiring is important
  • 2:00 Why most founders underestimate the importance of hiring
  • 5:07 How hiring changes as your startup grows
  • 13:54 Accepting that you’re going to hire for roles you’re not familiar with
  • 16:52 The types of qualities you want to look for in early hires
  • 24:14 The types of roles you want to hire in early stage startups
  • 29:24 Tips for writing effective job descriptions

Original Blog Posts

  1. How to Build a Recruiting Machine: Part 1
  2. How to Build a Recruiting Machine: Part 2
  3. How to Build a Recruiting Machine: Part 3

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