Iterative is accepting applications for its next batch. It will take place in Singapore. After applying, you will be contacted by one of the partners via email.



This can be anything that shows us how the product works.

50 characters or less.


Describe the problem your company solves in 200 characters or less.

Include any concrete user studies that give you confidence that this problem is large and real.

Describe how your company becomes a $100M revenue business.


Describe what you understand about your business that competitors don’t.

Describe how what they do now is better or worse than what you’re doing.

If you have a unique distribution channel, tell us about it. If you’re only using paid advertising today, what is your CAC, LTV, and paid strategy.

Assume your company doesn’t exist in 5 years, describe what assumptions you were mostly likely wrong about that caused the company to not exist.


This typically includes metrics like the number of users, monthly growth rate, revenue, etc.

If you have cofounders, include how long they’ve been working on it too. Typically the most valuable learnings are non-intuitive.

This includes other incubator, accelerator, etc. If so, which one, was it helpful and what was helpful about it?


What, if any, relevant background do you or your team have?

This could be anything (activities, interests, etc.). Include how often you do it together.

If you haven’t figured out how much of the company each of you own, we’d highly recommend having that conversation as soon as possible.


Include where the company is incorporated.

Please describe the amount, date of investment, and % of company sold.

Typically this includes founders, employees and investors. If there are other people (debt investors with warrants or options) who own part of your company, please describe who they are.

This includes abnormal structure, previous material noncompetes or intellectual property agreements, code-base not owned by the founders, pending lawsuits, cofounders that have left, etc.


If someone encouraged you to apply, what was the main selling point?